TIP TUESDAY: Feel good about yourself

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The environment around you is impacted by how you feel and the impact you have as an individual. The whole notion of  “what you put out is what you get” and “how you treat others is how you will be treated in return” are at play in this post. In this blog post, through five tips we help you understand how you can begin accepting yourself to appreciate all the good happening around you.

Tip One
The first tip is to understanding, loving, accepting, and appreciating yourself both inside and out. There are always opportunities and lessons to learn and grow. Pay attention to how you speak to yourself.

Tip Two
Stop comparing yourself to other people! We often tend to compare our weaknesses to someone else’s strength. This is an unfair playing field which will just send your self-esteem down the slippery slide. Start thinking about the person you want to be or become rather than what you think someone else may want you to become.

Tip Three
Check in with how confident you are right now. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen! Take some time out to remember or remind yourself about different situations in your life where you are confident, where being confident comes easy. Notice how confident people walk, talk and behave. Is there any room for improvement with yourself?

Tip Four
Do not confuse feeling good about yourself with being happy, positive and on top of things 100%. It’s okay to feel, it’s okay to not feel good, and know that it won’t last forever. If you are feeling good about yourself for the bigger part, then you are doing great. For the other part, there are wonderful lessons and opportunities to grow from if you just take the time to notice.

Tip Five
To all of the questions, you are the answer. How often we tend to allow another person to tell us how to think and feel about ourselves. If we begin to live our lives supporting someone else’s agenda, then who is looking after us? A person who has our best interests at heart will not expect us to always be pleasing or impressing them. Be aware of people who may want to put you down with their words or actions in order to make themselves feel better.

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How not to be easily offended

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It is easy to get your panties in the twist

It is so easy to get carried away with feelings. Trying to  figure out “what exactly did they say” or “what did they mean”. Social media and the types of conversation we have online easily add another layer to this.

Often it is our  own judgement that leads us on, when it comes to taking offence to something, someone has said.

Here are some tips that you can use in your life that will help you stay calm, comprehend and avoid dramatic situations.

Tip One

If I’m taking what someone says too personally, is it what they are saying OR what they are triggering for me that needs to be dealt with?

Tip Two

Look beyond what someone may be saying or how they are behaving. There is probably a good chance they are going through some stress in their own lives. It’s not necessarily about you.

Tip Three

Suspend your judgement, and be open to possibilities. If we quickly jump to conclusions, we’ll develop assumptions instead of getting the full story.

Tip Four

When we think ‘it’s everyone else’s fault’ then we are powerless to change anything. Think about what is my part in the situation, and what or how can I change that. That’s all I can do – change how I think or feel about it.

Tip Five

Remember, we are all perfectly imperfect. If we believe people should live up to our expectations, then we will encounter disappointment. William Glasser said “I have noticed that happy people are constantly evaluating themselves and unhappy people are constantly evaluating others”.

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Remember what initially attracted you to your partner and what build your relationship

Was it that smile? was it the way they approached you? was it the small things they did when you were together? may be a peck on the forehead even if they were walking only a few steps away. Your relationship begins with you and what you choose to prioritise.

Going down memory lane can remind us that we are more than our mortgage, bills, and responsibilities.

Somewhere inside of us there is always part of us that wants that fun, adventure, and spontaneity rejuvenated.

These steps will help you realise and prioritise feelings and emotions in your relationship and highlights things that you may want to address.

Check-up one 
UNDERSTAND and APPRECIATE how the two of you are similar or different to avoid criticising or judging each other. It’s ok to have shared and different interests. Do you support the interests of your partner even though you have no interest in it?

Check-up two
CHECK-UP on your progress for how open or confident you are at sharing your feelings, thoughts or desires to your partner. Are there are any topics that you find are really hard to open up to with your partner? Remember, your partner is not a ‘mind-reader’. Do I trust that my partner will listen or hear what I am saying?

Check-up three
IDENTIFY the amount of quality time you spend with your partner. Be clear about your commitment to the relationship. Remember that there is a difference between quality and quantity! Are you APPRECIATING and UNDERSTANDING the need for some space for separate activities too?

Check-up four
CHECK-IN with how you feel about yourself. The most important relationship you can have is the one you have with yourself. So to feel good about your relationship, you need to feel good about yourself. This AVOIDS relying on the other person to make your life ‘complete’!

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Clutter can build up in all sorts of shapes and forms and can lead to stress in many facets of life

So today we are sharing with you 5 questions to ask yourself when you are feeling burdened tasks and to do lists. Remember procrastination can subside the tension at a particular moment but never actually solve the issue. Ask yourself these questions and look at your environment to better enable your mind and self for better productivity and well being. Decluttering can lead to many answers…

  1. Do you TOLERATE excessive household clutter obstructing the flow of your energy or would you PREFER to get rid of any physical clutter that you no longer need by selling, giving or donating them to create space in your house which can then boost your motivation to do something you’ve been putting off?
  2. Do you TOLERATE those unfinished projects that prevent you from beginning new things which are now more relevant to your life or would you PREFER to take the time to consider if they are even worth finishing, if they have served a purpose, and are they ready to be archived, deleted or put through the shredder?
  3. Do you TOLERATE chaos or would you PREFER to de-clutter and organise your home or work environment to help you feel ordered?
  4. Do you TOLERATE that clutter can also lead to procrastination, because when everything is everywhere, we tend to find a distraction to avoid the task. Or would you PREFER being a bit more organised so that your external environment mirrors your internal mind to create a sense of calm to look at what else or how else we could be doing things in our lives that would serve a higher purpose.
  5. Do you TOLERATE needless stress in your life or would you PREFER to look at what commitments you can reduce, delegate or eliminate especially when what you are doing is to the detriment of your own wellbeing?

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