Metro Counselling has prided itself as a partner to many different businesses working with management and employees.  In order for a business to achieve their organisational goals, we work closely with management to ensure they are getting the optimum results in productivity, retention, morale and loyalty from their employee’s.

We have a multidisciplinary team of accredited professional counsellors, registered and clinical psychologists with years of experience across a range of disciplines, enabling referrals in-house where necessary.  We also have access to other specialised professionals for contract work when the need arises.

In addition, this organisation adopts a network of allied health professionals as a resource data base for people to access.

To enable easy and convenient service access, we have flexible appointment times, flexible appointment delivery either face-to-face, telephone, internet or video conferencing, and on-site (by arrangement).  This will greatly assist people who do regular hours or shift-work.  We have five face-to-face locations in Duncraig, Mount Lawley, North Perth, Osborne Park, and Subiaco.  Our EAP service can be delivered nationally (Skype and face-to-face) and international (Skype).

What sets us apart from other services is how we evaluate and respond to the ‘whole’ person using very practical, client-focused, holistic, and humanistic approaches.  We are a ‘results – solutions’ focused practice.  As Family and Relationship Specialists, our approach helps employees and their families deal with issues and situations which could otherwise have a negative impact on both their home life, and overall work performance.  The more opportunity we have to use a preventative approach with individuals to address their issues, and reduce unnecessary risks, the more employers/management can experience improved productivity and performance.

All sessions are a full 60 minutes.  The EAP provides short-term counselling with the number of sessions allocated being dependent on the organisation.

Attendance at these sessions is voluntary.  All EAP sessions are confidential with the only exceptions to this being where the counsellor has a Duty of Care to take action to prevent serious risk of harm to a client or another person. This organisation will not divulge the employee’s name, however will report on the number of employee’s using the service, and collate the general issues they are presenting with.  As a result, we are able to identify patterns and trends that are occurring and further discuss preventative measures to address them.

Some of the areas we have covered under EAP include mental health issues, absenteeism, job satisfaction, conflict with peers/management, drug and alcohol problems, gambling, relationship issues, critical incident and trauma, parenting, anxiety, suicidal ideation, depression and many other emotional and psychological difficulties.

Other services we can offer can include group counselling and/or debriefing, presentations on workplace stress strategies, work and home-life balance, with many other programs addressing the A-Z of life’s obstacles.

Our Specialist Counselling Services will benefit and add value to employers and employees by:

  • teaching practical skills for conflict resolution
  • coaching more effective ways to deliver your communication
  • identify healthier choices to greatly reduce avoidable stress
  • having a more gratifying workplace
  • improving workplace harmony with home/family life balance
  • understanding how to use positive negotiation skills, and identify option building opportunities
  • developing crucial mediation skills
  • workplace mediation
  • psychological assessments
  • Workshops and seminars for identified and agreed organisational goals
  • Critical Incident de-briefing

For Employers

Our Specialist Counselling Services will give you peace of mind knowing that your workplace will be a much happier, healthier and productive workplace.  The pay-offs for you will be:

  • more longevity and staff retention
  • intellectual property from loyal and committed long-term staff
  • more profits gained from a stable and reliable workforce
  • more productivity resulting for daily staff presence
  • more time and energy resulting from increased conflict resolution skills
  • a healthier, more focused and alert workplace due to job satisfaction
  • loyalty and commitment resulting from a more fulfilling job role

The types of companies we have assisted include but not limited to:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Local Councils
  • Offshore
  • Exploration

We have assisted employees who are in Perth Based operations and out FIFO situations. Specialist FIFO Induction program for you entrants and people who are struggling with this Lifestyle/ Career choice.

For Employee’s

Our Specialist Counselling Services will provide you with good information and knowledge that you will learn to apply at work and home.  You can self-refer to this service. There may be times when managers or supervisors may suggest an employee get help for an issue that is impacting on their work performance or safety.

If there are any issues occurring in the home environment which could be greatly affecting you or a family member, then some of the issues we can work with are:

  • domestic violence
  • abuse (emotional, psychological, physical or sexual)
  • relationship breakdown, separation, divorce
  • grief and loss
  • parenting with children and teenagers
  • substance abuse (drugs/alcohol)
  • gambling addiction
  • trauma
  • anxiety and depression
  • financial / legal referrals
  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • stress
  • coping with change


The EAP can provide services 24/7

Metro Counselling can be contacted by any of the following methods:

Telephone: 08 9448 3210
Text: 0419 950 102

Can the EAP really help me?

Yes.  It can help you gain a different perspective, explore any obstacles, and make better choices.  People have said:

It has been a time of huge growth and learning for me. I have learnt so much about how I ‘talk to myself’, and I feel a lot more positive, and confident”.

“Counselling has shown me the alternatives… to take control of my life and think about ways to achieve my own goals”.

Local:              Face-to-face, Telephone, Skype

National:        Face-to-face, Telephone, Skype

International:   Skype