Because we are all unique individuals, we will experience grief and loss differently. Grief and loss has been seen as a process or cycle that a person will work through. A person will experience and re-experience the different stages as grief does not follow a set pattern.

In 1969, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross identified five stages (denial, anger, bargaining depression, and acceptance) in what she termed the ‘grief cycle’ when people face loss of something that they hold as close to them. Anyone who has experienced grief and loss will understand that the pain they experience is real, and it hurts. We must take time to heal from the emotional and psychological wounds we have experienced. One thing we cannot do is ‘hurry’ this process. Areas of grief and loss include, death, loss of a relationship, loss of employment, leaving home, moving to another location, loss of financial security, loss of health, loss of physical ability, and so on. Counselling will assist you to openly express how you are feeling in a very safe, warm and confidential environment. Many people have said they do not want to burden their family or friends with how they are feeling.