Most relationship problems stem from poor communication. Learning how to understand the moods and feelings of each other (even when different from one another), how to fight fair, and how to be sympathetic and empathic to their partner are very helpful skills to have in a relationship. Regrettably, many people do not know how helpful Relationships Counselling can be to assist and focus on building these skills.

Some of the issues that can affect your marriage include:

  • Absence of Communication
  • Time Management
  • Intimacy
  • Family issues
  • Money or finance problems
  • Trust issues
  • Boundary Problems
  • Infidelity & Commitment
  • Conflict
  • Media Influence

Couples are feeling so busy and stressed by feeling pulled into multiple directions that the quality of the relationship is declining. Most couples will face the issue of lack of time prioritising one another at some point.

Individuals decide to stay in a loving relationship for the reason that their expectations are mostly met and they judge that they are better-off inside the relationship than they would be without it. More than wealth, children, or any additional conjugal distress, the most common issue couples struggle with is sexual intimacy. Once someone starts to feel their relationship is no longer intimate, a great deal of the joy leaves it. Sometimes the issue is lack of interest or opportunity, but whatever the case, when it falters, spouses really do suffer.

The foundation for every solid relationship is trust.  A question you might ask yourself is “do I really trust my partner?” Do you trust your partner’s decisions?  Do you think your partner is capable of making vital decisions for the both of you? If you can’t rely on your partner with life altering decisions, it’s obvious that you don’t respect your partner or their opinions. And that’s never a good sign in a long term relationship.

Other big issues couples face are boundary problems. Dissimilarities between partners will always be there as we can all have different values, priorities and ways of handling issues. There are times in a relationship where one person is in the habit of trying to impose their ideas on the other person.  Partners so often try to change the other in the name of helpfulness or we can tend to see that our way is the right way. The truth is, the only person you can change is you.

Sexual infidelity is perhaps one of the most painful issues that couples face in a relationship. Both sides have to cope with very powerful feelings that may feel overwhelming and very hard to deal with. Often there are times when partners feel more betrayed by emotional infidelity because it’s not just about sex. Emotional affairs are about an intimate relationship with someone outside the relationship. If only they had learned how to talk to their partner about their needs, it could have been avoided.

It’s not uncommon to question your relationship. Staying friends is more difficult when there is ongoing conflict which leaves you feeling angry, disappointed, frustrated or hurt. This distress often brings out the worst in us. This may lead to one or both partners questioning for the first time whether they are in the right relationship.

Our insight as to what a strong relationship looks like and how to achieve this is shaped, in part, by the media. But we have to understand that many couples have issues that they deal with on a daily basis. Some issues may be different but we generally face some of the same problems.

Seeking professional assistance, Relationship counselling.

It is important that you seek help from someone who is trained and experienced in working with relationships. Obviously partners will try to deal with relationship issues themselves, but when problems continue to occur, it becomes clear that professional help is needed. If you would like to speak to a professional counsellor about your issues or experiences, or you would like to find out more information, you can contact us directly on: (08) 9448 3210